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During the latest Cloudscape Brazil and Workshop on Cloud Networks held in Natal, Brazil, cooperation between ATMOSPHERE and various 5G projects has been established.

The collaboration between these projects will bridge the fields of 5G and trustworthy cloud computing. The new synergies established were with the following:

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP)

A joint initiative between the European Commission and European ICT industry (ICT manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs and researcher Institutions). The 5G PPP will deliver solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for the ubiquitous next generation communication infrastructures of the coming decade.

The project, under their SME Working Group, presented a paper at the last Cloudscape Brazil 2018 titled, Support SMEs in becoming competitive and exploiting the potential of international markets: EU-Brazil SME cooperation.

Remote area Access Network for 5th GEneration (5G-RANGE)

A project funded in the fourth coordinated call Europe – Brazil which will design, develop, implement and validate the mechanisms to enable the 5G network to provide an economically effective solution for Internet access for remote areas.

During Cloudscape Brazil 2018, 5G-RANGE presented during the session on Excellence in ICT Cooperation: Preliminary Results of Projects of the EU-BR 4th Coordinated Call and Future Directions.

Evolving FIRE into a 5G-Oriented Experimental Playground for Vertical industries (5GINFIRE)

A three-year Research and Innovation action / project under the EU programme Horizon 2020. The main goal of 5GINFIRE is to build and operate an open, and extensible 5G NFV-based reference (Open5G-NFV) ecosystem of experimental facilities that not only integrates existing FIRE facilities with new vertical-specific ones, but also lays down the foundations for instantiating fully softwarised architectures of vertical industries and experimenting with them. 

5GINFIRE was part of the session on: Triggering new digital markets: Environmental Monitoring, eHealth, Smart industry and manufacturing, business intelligence and education with science and research.

Global vision, standardisation stakeholder engagement in 5G (Global5G)

A new 5G PPP Phase 2 Coordination and Support Action with the specific role of helping to strengthen the link between vertical industries, standardisation and research as diverse requirements emerge from different vertical industry use cases. will also play a role in supporting consensus building on standardisation and harmonisation on policy and regulations across the EU.

During Cloudscape Brazil 2018, the project presented a paper titled, The Impact of 5G on Vertical Industry Sectors during the Cloudscape Brazil 2018.

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