ATMOSPHERE is enabling different levels of trustworthiness for applications and data on a federated cloud, and the ability to measure trust a priori (before deployment) and dynamically during execution (during runtime). By tackling these significant challenges, ATMOSPHERE will roll out a platform that supports an entirely new spectrum of trustworthy services usable by a diverse set of organisations, critical for sustainability.

ATMOSPHERE will drive the ATMOSPHERE Go-to-Market strategy and sustainability plan based on demand-side needs, regular market updates and competitor analysis for timely transfer of ATMOSPHERE assets. ATMOSPHERE will also carefully assess the maturity levels of its assets (Technology Readiness Levels) and the commercial readiness of the SME use cases (Market Readiness Level), drawing on previous use of the CloudWATCH2 service from project to product.

Various assets of the ATMOPSHERE project will be developed by the end of ATMOSPHERE funding, in October 2019 and delivered within this time-frame.