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Our Mission

ATMOSPHERE aims to design and implement a framework and platform relying on lightweight virtualization, hybrid resources and Europe and Brazil federated infrastructures to develop, build, deploy, measure and evolve trustworthy, cloud-enabled applications.


ATMOSPHERE will provide a solution to assess trustworthiness of cloud applications dealing with data and support the development of more trustworthy cloud applications. ATMOSPHERE is a 24-month European and Brazilian Research Innovation Action project in the field of Cloud Computing, funded by European Commission and RNP and MCTIC, under the EUB-01-2017 call.

Trust is built based on guarantees, previous successful experiences, transparency and accountability. Yet, to-date, the technologies and frameworks necessary to raise confidence on cloud and Big Data applications is still lacking. It is crucial to create this confidence to encourage different business sectors to take up this technology and ultimately improve business efficiency and competitiveness. The ATMOSPHERE project focuses on this issue.

What are ATMOSPHERE's outputs?

  1. Data and Application Tracking: A combination of service for registering assets (code or data) and a platform that ensures that a distributed ledger registers all accesses.
  2. Fogbow: provides the ability to create private networks spanning multiple cloud providers. It also allows the creation of virtual machines that can be attached to the federated networks created by the service.
  3. IM-TOSCA/EC3: Orchestration and DevOps service for deployment of complex application topologies described in TOSCA.
  4. LEMONADE: 30 different operations of data mining, machine learning and extraction, transformation and loading of data, capable of processing massive amounts of data.
  5. Performance Prediction for increasing cloud service trustworthiness: Descriptive and predictive data analytics techniques to monitor the performance.
  6. RHD screening AI tool: Trustworthy Medical Imaging Processing service in the cloud & Post-processing pipelines
  7. SCONE: A platform that enables applications running distributedly on different administrative domains to be attested and validated, preventing modification from being unnoticed.
  8. Trustworthiness Assessment and Monitoring Framework: an overall trustworthiness framework, with the relevant trustworthiness properties and metrics, the specification of the trustworthiness assessment lifecycle, and the requirements for the monitoring platform.
  9. Vallum: an architecture for storing and processing sensitive data in cloud environments respecting access, authorization and privacy constraints
  10. Research & Innovation Research Priorities Report: an analysis of the present challenges and joint EU-Brazil research & Innovation opportunities, in order to consolidate a common view of Brazilian and European Researchers from academia, industry and government regarding EU-BR future cooperation in ICT.
  11. EU-Brazil ICT Marketplace: online meeting point where public and private stakeholders interested in promoting collaborative initiatives in ICT can find relevant information from past and current research initiatives, get in touch with key stakeholders, and access tangible technological assets and knowledge produced as a result of cross-regional activities

Who can join ATMOSPHERE?

  • Open source communities (developers & users)
  • Software Development Professionals
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Startups, SMEs and large companies (IT vendors)
  • Health professionals (hospitals, healthcare services)
  • Policy makers focusing on ICT

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