Our Mission

ATMOSPHERE aims to design and implement a framework and platform relying on lightweight virtualization, hybrid resources and Europe and Brazil federated infrastructures to develop, build, deploy, measure and evolve trustworthy, cloud-enabled applications.


ATMOSPHERE will provide a solution to assess trustworthiness of cloud applications dealing with data and support the development of more trustworthy cloud applications. ATMOSPHERE is a 24-month European and Brazilian Research Innovation Action project in the field of Cloud Computing, funded by European Commission and RNP and MCTIC, under the EUB-01-2017 call.

Trust is built based on guarantees, previous successful experiences, transparency and accountability. Yet, to-date, the technologies and frameworks necessary to raise confidence on cloud and Big Data applications is still lacking. It is crucial to create this confidence to encourage different business sectors to take up this technology and ultimately improve business efficiency and competitiveness. The ATMOSPHERE project focuses on this issue.

What are ATMOSPHERE's outputs?

  1. Trustworthiness Monitoring and Assessment Framework
  2. Cloud services managing federated and hybrid resources – performance prediction service and proactive rules
  3. Distributed Trustworthy Data Services
  4. Trustworthy Data Processing Services
  5. SME Telehealth Use Case: Design of a Biomaker Pilot Application and Demonstrator

Who can join ATMOSPHERE?

  • Open source communities (developers & users)
  • Startups, SMEs and large companies (IT vendors, aerospace)
  • Telehealth professionals (hospitals, healthcare services)
  • City councils – IT teams (energy, water)
  • Policy makers focusing on ICT
  • National health services
  • Standard development organisations
  • OSS developer of de facto standards

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