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CLOUDEA is an organizational platform that performs configuration policy automation solution for IT assets, which implements abstract written regulations & policies, and transforms them into automatic procedures that enforce compliance. The platform can host rules and regulations, as well as customize them according to the organization’s needs.

The goal: 

The objective of the demo is to valuate trustworthiness and calculate risk level of organizational assets, that are planned for McAfee protection

The challenge: 

The major challenge in this use case is to map the protection services properties to the categories that can be taken as a data feed to calculate the organizational security risk on a constant manner

The Impact: 

This use case provides customer’s infrastructure trustworthiness and risk level calculation. The procedure’s control logic computes the overall trustworthiness mark, combined from confidentiality, integrity and availability ranking which in turn are mapped to the metrics calculation, derived from level of protection. Examples of such metrics are presented in the list below:

  • Security Control coverage
  • Proper Security Policies in Place
  • Asset compliance with security standard
  • Security Policy is missing industry definition / suggested configuration settings
  • Security Policy is missing Vendor best practices
Without atmosphere: 

No ability to calculate the risk for the organizational assets, protected by McAfee ePO

With atmosphere: 

New ability to calculate the risk for the organizational assets, protected by McAfee ePO


Application developer

Not relevant

Data scientist

Not relevant

Application manager

Advanced monitoring and reporting dashboard enabling indication on the organization Cyber risk Detection of non-compliance weak points and provide automatic remediation Infrastructure trustworthiness calculation

System administrator

Decrease number of human errors Meaningfully decrease the time, required to mitigate security breaches

Data owner

Not relevant


More info soon


More info soon