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The Cloudscape Brazil annual event has published a report with the main insights on how Cloud continues to shape the future of technology and continues to identify common ICT priorities between Brazil and Europe

The memorable takeaways of the Cloudscape Brazil annual event are now available, en route to consolidate a transatlantic digital market. The 6th edition of Cloudscape Brazil, dedicated to “Using secure Cloud & IT Services into market innovation leadership”, demonstrated how Cloud Computing is shaping the future of technology, together with other most talked about topics of late in ICT technologies, including: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, to name just a few that came up and were discussed at length.

During the well networked event between ICT European and Brazilian specialists, a remarkable crowd of business savvy individuals, public sector representatives and research scientists discussed policy topics and networked with individuals from the other side of ocean, to discuss how to create a joint-digital market and be an active player in the worldwide landscape.

Policy Recommendations to move an EU-BR long lasting cooperation

What lies ahead was a recurring question amongst stakeholders. It is important to do more, to do better and to do things differently. Besides ensuring that EU-BR projects are self-sustainable after the end of funding and maintain conditions to keep having impact by their own means, without relying on public funding calls, it is crucial to support digital entrepreneurship. Organising networking events, creating international digital innovation hubs to explore new business opportunities thanks to ICT, while providing a portfolio of services to help organisations in different frontlines, are some of the proposals that were brainstormed at Cloudscape Brazil.

Facing the future, it is clear that the future society needs smarter cities, better mobility, smart industries and e-health. For that, both regions need to invest on high-value technologies that solve societal problems, promote social economic development and give pillars for Industry 4.0: HPC, AI, Advanced Manufacturing, Cyber Security, 5G

Common priorities for market innovation thanks to secure IT services

The event had lively debates, with peers behind some of the most forward thinking developments in cloud technologies, around what EU and Brazil need to become a world-wide ground breaker in ICT. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic have the common view that should invest in Open Science Programmes, to improve “data openness” and identify solutions more effectively, as well as create demonstration platforms that encourage and motivate companies to adopt digital technologies for industrial production and increase their competitiveness.

Regarding cloud computing, the technology is tapping into the power of other technologies that are empowering the digital economy: IoT, AI, Big Data, Edge Computing & other related technologies. More investments on cloud are necessary, to exploit these technologies potential to the fullest

Connecting SMEs for Innovative ICT services

Just as in previous years, Cloudscape Brazil 2019 provided a spotlight to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and EU-BR research projects to showcase their ICT tools and services and identify collaboration opportunities thanks to the combination of distinct technologies. This year, two innovative SMEs from Europe and Brazil, listed in EUBrasilCloudFORUM marketplace (Amachains from Brazil and Ortelio from Germany)  are discussing how to securely distribute robot software.

Other outcomes Cloudscape Brazil 2019

  • Conference proceedings: 13 pitches/demos from SMEs & Projects of innovative ICT services with potential to impact Brazilian and European societies, along with a Demo area in the lobby with highest traffic of people in CSCB (which had almost 1.400 visitors), 13 position papers (on Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Digitising Industry, amongst others) and 6 posters showcased in the demo area.
  • EU-BR projects: all projects from the 4th EU-BR call were represented, demonstrating the provisional results and their sustainability plan.
  • Speakers: 35 different speakers from the most relevant institutions: European Commission, Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication, Research Data Alliance, Brazilian National Confederation of Industry, along with members from academia.
  • Institutional or Associations or Project SupportBrasscom, Brafip, PCT Guamá, 5G PPP and the H2020 CSA project Global

The event took place on 15-16 July 2019, combined with the fourth edition of the Workshop on Cloud Networks (WCN), during the annual Conference of the Brazilian Computing Society (CSBC), in Belém (Brazil).  Download the full event report to get a broader picture of what transpired in the last Cloudscape Brazil and WCN 2019!