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The Advanced Network Federation component is a set of scripts to setup an overlay network among multiple virtual networks instantiated over multiple datacenters. The routing among the datacenters is managed by multiple coordinated instances of the ONOS Software-Defined Network controller.

The goal: 

The demo presented two instances of two network federations spanning three sites and showed how traffic is automatically routed across the multiple sites. The demo also showed that an active monitoring process continuously tests reachability between sites and reroutes traffic in case of failure.

The challenge: 

Automatic setup of virtual links among multiples sites of a multi-datacenter virtual network and management of an overlay network by means of an SD controller.

The Impact: 

The demonstration showed the feasibilty of the network federation using the open source ONOS controller for managing inter-datacenter connectivity and active monitoring.

Without atmosphere: 

Network administrators had to manually perform configurations of the network overlays and had to develop and deploy ad hoc solutions for active monitoring and fault mangement.

With atmosphere: 

The network federation can be deployed using production-ready open source software, which also provides active monitoring of reachability and rerouting in case of failure.


Application developer

Easier access to network federations.

Data scientist

Easier access to network federations.

Application manager

Not relevant

System administrator

Simplified deployment of network federations.

Data owner

Not relevant


More info soon


More info soon