ATMOSPHERE (Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure Privacy-assuring Hybrid, Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing) is a 24-month project aiming at the design
and development of an ecosystem of a framework, platform and application of next generation trustworthy cloud services on top of an intercontinental hybrid and federated resource pool. The framework considers a broad spectrum of properties and their measures. The platform supports the building, deployment, measuring and evolution of trustworthy cloud resources, data networks and data services. The platform is demonstrated on a sensitive scenario to build a cloud-enabled secure and trustworthy application related to distributed telemedicine.

This report belongs to WP6, which is the WP responsible for going beyond the state of the art in developing Trustworthy Data Processing Services (TDPS). This Deliverable describes the
overall approach that will be followed to encompass services and tools for the range from the development of trustworthy applications to their runtime processing, monitoring and
adaptation. Additionally, in this deliverable, the specification of the development library is presented, alongside the functionalities and interfaces of TDPS.