ATMOSPHERE Poster: Computer aided diagnosis for Rheumatic Heart Disease by AI applied to features extraction from echocardiography
ATMOSPHERE Poster:Vallum: Database Privacy, Confidentialy and Access Rights for Sensitive Data in Cloud Environments
ATMOSPHERE Poster: Towards a Trustworthy Federated Hybrid Cloud and Container-based Platform
ATMOSPHERE Flyer - July 2019

ATMOSPHERE Flyer: Assets, Demos, Use-Cases & EU-BR Innovation Research Priorities

ATMOSPHERE Flyer (Demos & Use-Cases) - June 2019

ATMOSPHERE Flyer: Demos & Use-Cases

ATMOSPHERE Flyer (Services) - June 2019

ATMOSPHERE Flyer: Services

ATMOSPHERE Poster - April 2018

ATMOSPHERE Poster: Match-Based Candidate Network Generation for Keyword Queries over Relational Database

ATMOSPHERE Cloudscape Brazil Rollup - July 2018

Cloudscape Brazil 2018 & WCN Rollup

ATMOSPHERE Cloudscape Brazil Agenda - July 2018

Cloudscape Brazil 2018 & WCN Printed Agenda

ATMOSPHERE Cloudscape Brazil badge - July 2018

Cloudscape Brazil 2018 & WCN Badge