Cloudscape Brazil 2018 has an ongoing Call for Position Papers that will allow stakeholders to be a part of the working agenda of the conference.

Applications for position papers are accepted from industry, academia and policy representatives from Europe and Brazil.

As with previous Cloudscape events, successfully submiting a position paper gives the authors excellent visibility at the event as well as in the ATMOSPHERE website.

Accepted papers will be invited to present during a dedicated session on 26 July at the Workshop on Cloud Networks.

Applicants must choose one topic from the list of topics below and must submit an abstract of not more than 750 words.

Please note that the deadline for submission is  13 July, 23:59 UTC!

Cloudscape Brazil 2018 Position Paper Topics

  1. Digitizing Industry: Industrial Innovation thanks to IoT, Big Data, 5G and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Digital Skills: Advanced digital skills towards European and Brazilian socio-economic progress and leadership
  3. Support European/Brazilian SMEs in becoming competitive and exploiting the potential of international markets
  4. Artificial Intelligence:  unlocking the development of Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing and related technologies.
  5. Blockchain: an emerging technology to increase trust and allow collaborative models and cross border services
  6. International Partnerships: which topics Europe and Brazil shall join forces revolutionize transatlantic economy.
  7. High Performance Computing: HPC in Europe and Brazil to bring benefits to society in many areas from health care and renewable energy to car safety and cybersecurity.
  8. Regulation for Trust in Digital Environments: regulations/frameworks and international cooperation between authorities and industry to ensure users’ protection and support digital economy safe development
  9. Future Digital Economy: future scenarios and potential challenges on how Digital Economy will evolve till 2030.
  10. EU-Brazil Common Standards: to establish common standards for data collection, data protection, reliable system communication and integration, security and privacy management is still needed to facilitate further collaboration between Europe and Brazil program managers, researchers, and industries.

Be part of the Cloudscape Brazil working agenda.
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