The days where all our data was hosted on internal local servers are gone, with cloud computing the way of the future, revolutionising the way that organisations deal with the storage of high volumes of data.

However, despite the numerous benefits that this technology can provide (e.g. flexibility, low investment, less operational issues, availability, and easy implementation), less than 10% of the world's data is currently stored in the cloud (Source: BBC News).

“Lack of Trust is one of the main show-stoppers in embracing the Cloud”

Security and privacy are still the biggest concerns that organisations indicate with respect to cloud adoption. The idea of storing data externally, often at centres located in remote areas of the world, is a scenario that doesn’t help address these misgivings.

Trust is built on the basis of guarantees, previous successful experiences, transparency and accountability. Yet to date the technologies and frameworks necessary to raise confidence on cloud and Big Data applications is still lacking. It is crucial to create this confidence to encourage different business sectors to take up this technology and ultimately improve business efficiency and competitiveness.

ATMOSPHERE – supporting the development of trustworthy cloud applications

The ATMOSPHERE (Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure, Privacy-assuring, Hybrid Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing) focuses precisely on this issue. Funded by the European Commission and RNP and MCTIC, this European-Brazilian project aims to design and develop an ecosystem comprising a framework and platform enabling the implementation of next generation trustworthy cloud services on top of an intercontinental hybrid and federated resource pool.

An exciting international consortium, with partners from Brazil and all over Europe, have joined forces to address cloud trustworthiness from all dimensions by providing metrics, components and best practices regarding data security, privacy, coherence, isolation, stability, fairness and transparency.

According to Francisco Brasileiro (Brazilian Coordinator of ATMOSPHERE and Professor at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande),

The novelty of ATMOSPHERE is the definition of metrics that will allow measurements, on the real-time, security levels of cloud applications. This will enable the adoption of adequate measures to ensure that applications always reach the security levels required”.

Playing a role in Patient Healthcare Data Protection

The demand for healthcare will continue to rise, mostly due to population aging and growth, but also due to an increasing concern for wellbeing among patients. It is expected that these forces will influence the industry role in IT and, by association, that of cloud computing. With trustworthy cloud computing levels, healthcare organisations and providers can share data securely, both internally and externally, manage privileged users, and comply with monitoring and reporting regulations.

Through a pilot project in this sector, ATMOSPHERE will demonstrate the benefits of cloud to assess and improve the trustworthiness of health management services in the context of the analysis of echocardiographic images. In addition, it will contribute to the paradigm shift from conventional, qualitative radiology reading to quantitative patient evaluation, helping expand Precision Medicine.

Supporting Europe and Brazil in their Policy Priorities

By increasing trust in big data cloud computing applications, ATMOSPHERE will contribute to one of the forces influencing both the European and Brazilian economies.

Europe is building a Digital Single Market, where users have easier access to online goods and services to boost growth of the European Digital Economy. Brazil is implementing a National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation, where cloud computing is a given priority for the country’s digital strategy.

Generating socio-economic impact by supporting various stakeholders

ATMOSPHERE will roll out a platform that supports an entirely new spectrum of trustworthy services usable by a diverse set of stakeholders.

The ATMOSPHERE stakeholders that will benefit from trustworthiness in performance, privacy, availability, robustness and dependability are:

  • Startups, SMEs and large companies (IT vendors, aerospace)
  • Telehealth professionals (hospitals, healthcare services)
  • City councils – IT teams (energy, water)
  • Open source communities (developers & users)

All are encouraged to visit the ATMOSPHERE communication channels: