A new paper on ATMOSPHERE “Convenient Deployment of Self-Managed Elastic Clusters on Federated Clouds” will be presented at the International Workshop on Quality-Aware DevOps (QUDOS 2019), organised jointly with the Workshop on Continuous Software Engineering (CSE 2019), on 26th March 2019 (Hamburg, Germany).

Both QUODOS and CSE workshops bring together experts from industry and academia to discuss not only DevOps (quality-aware methods, practices and tools) but also Continuous Software Engineering (innovative solutions, ideas and experiences on entire software engineering lifecycle hence). The purpose of combining these 2 events is to foster cross-fertilization and bootstrap an even bigger and stronger community around the urgently emerging complex topics and projects that both areas are addressing.

The ATMOSPHERE paper was accepted by QUDOS/CSE and will be presented during “Session B: Assessment in Industrial DevOps” from 14:00-15:30.

Ignacio Blanquer, European coordinator of ATMOSPHERE project, presents the paper prepared by ATMOSPHERE academia experts from Europe and Brazil. The paper addresses difficulties faced by federated clouds and demonstrates an architecture developed by ATMOSPHERE that deploys self-managed Kubernetes elastic clusters on these clouds. This novelty is based on scaling up/down the managed resources, secure communication and execution across different IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers.

Thanks to the transatlantic collaboration between Europe and Brazil, the federated deployment is made on several sites located at both sides of the Atlantic, while integrating a small amount of resources.

The ATMOSPHERE paper will be available for free on ATMOSPHERE website, under “Scientific Papers” section, after the conference.