ATMOSPHERE was presented at the Open Infrastructure Summit, from 29th April till 1st May, Denver (USA). The event gathers together thousands of IT decision makers, operators and the developers to collaborate across common use cases and solve real problems. People from over 50 countries and 600 companies using and contributing to over 35 open source projects usually come to this event.

ATMOSPHERE project presented was invited to do a presentation on "Secure Data Analyss with OpenStack and Asperathos"

The presentation was done by Andrey Brito, from Federal University of Campina Grande and project partner. As the number of security incidents increase, insider attacks are especially relevant to companies and managers of sensitive data. To address these cases, the Intel SGX technology has risen as an option of running safe, attested and secure code, protected even from admin-level threats. To assist the big data analysis in an orchestrated infrastructure, Kubernetes provides batch processing functionalities as jobs. In order to save resources and meet quality of service, the Asperathos framework controls the parallelism of running containers and the execution in the cloud. Combining these tools enable confidentiality, quality of service, and resource savings for large scale batch applications.