ATMOSPHERE was presented at the "EOSC-hub Week 2019", from 10th till 12th Arpil 2019, in Prague (Czeck Republic). The event brought together both present and future service providers and users of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). 

aimed at presenting an overview of the main challenges and current solutions to build the next-generation Exascale computing systems, combining the aspects of scientific research with industrial aspects and illustrating some new applications that will exploit that computing capacity.

ATMOSPHERE presented the demo "Elastic Clusters over federated trans-atlantic hybrid resources

Authored by Miguel Caballer (UPV); Amanda Calatrava (UPV); Ignacio Blanquer (UPV); Francisco Brasileiro (Federal University of Campina Grande), the demo showed the work developed in the ATMOSPHERE project [1] to deploy self-managed elastic clusters on federated clouds using the EC3 tool [2]. In particular a Mesos cluster was shown in the demo, but other type of cluster are supported (Torque, SLURM, Kubernetes, etc.) ATMOSPHERE approach can automatically scale up/down the managed resources and secure communication and execution across different IaaS providers. In particular two different cloud providers are used. Initially only the front-end node is launched using the EC3 client [4] in the first provider. As requested by the cluster workload, new WNs are deployed in the first provider. When the number of WNs in the first provider reaches to a predetermined threshold (specified by the user) subsequent WNs are deployed in the second provider. To enable the connectivity among all the VMs in the infrastructure, a federated network is created. It enables not only the connectivity without needing public IPs in the WNs, but also encrypting the communications to ensure security. The infrastructure used in this demo is comprised of multiple cloud providers that are geographically distributed. The seamless federation of these providers is implemented through the use of the Fogbow middleware [3]. It consists on a federated deployment of several sites at both sides of the Atlantic ocean that integrates a small amount of resources, enough for the validation of the deployment services.