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Cloudscape Brazil 2019 and WCN took place last 15-16 July 2019, bringing together European and Brazilian experts on ICT topics from research, industry and policy. The event promoted business partnerships between EU-BR SMEs and Researchers, but also demonstrated how Cloud Computing is shaping the future of technology, together with other newsmaker ICT technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, amongst others. Below 15 takeways from from the event. Read them all! :)

Policy Recommendations on EU-BR Cooperation

  1. Invest on high-value technologies that solve societal problems, promote social economic development and give pillars for Industry 4.0: HPC, AI, Advanced Manufacturing, Cyber Security, 5G.
  2. Support digital entrepreneurship, by organising networking events, creating international digital innovation hubs to explore new business opportunities thanks to ICT, while providing a portfolio of services to help organisations in different frontlines.
  3. Embrace Public and Private Partnerships, bringing together the knowledge and experience from researchers and industry.
  4. Give support to non-ICT companies, to get competitive advantages thanks to innovative ICT technologies (AI, IoT, Robotics, Cloud Computing).
  5. Organise field trips/intensive programmes to academia, research and industry members, to support knowledge dissemination and consolidate digital skills acquisition.
  6. Ensure that EU-BR projects are self-sustainable after the end of funding and have conditions to keep having impact by its own means, without relying on public funding calls.
  7. Support the integration of physical and digital technologies, to combine product development, manufacturing and logistics planning, and to link systems, machines and human labour.

Next Steps & Recommendations for EU-Brazil

  1. Setup “Science and Technology Parks”, with academia and industry players, where together they can find solutions for both regions and, therefore, have a positive impact on economy.
  2. Provide digital skills & knowledge for the young generations that will develop a new generation of digital services and bring wealth across vertical markets.
  3. Invest jointly in Open Science programmes, define data certification policies and mechanisms to improve “data openness” (e.g. fund only programmes that have “open data”) to identify solutions more effectively.
  4. Support the “smart city” mind-set: better mobility, smart industries, accessible e-health, inclusive societies, for more dynamic economies.
  5. Invest on Cloud Computing programmes, to exploit its potential on supporting AI, IoT and robotics development.
  6. Involve end-users & industry in project consortia and disseminate each technology potential through joint university-industry activities, to develop ICT services that help industry to overcome their business limitations and to ensure technology adoption by market players.
  7. Create demonstration platforms that encourage and motivate companies to adopt digital technologies for industrial production and increase their competitiveness.
  8. Ensure that “trustworthiness” concept and its properties are understood from industry players, as well as its importance for the company’s core business.

Download the full event report to get a broader picture of what transpired in the last Cloudscape Brazil and WCN 2019!