Cloudscape Brazil 2018 and WCN took place last 25-26 July 2018, bringing together European and Brazilian experts on ICT topics from research, industry and policy. The event promoted business partnerships between EU-BR SMEs and Researchers, but also discussed how EU and Brazil will work together to exploit a joint-digital market and be an active player in worldwide landscape. Below 15 takeways from from the event. Read them all! :)

Short-Term Recommendations

  1. Create and integrate health data, to expand access to health-care. The eHealth market development requires innovative IoT health-care solutions, where the data is interoperable. Standards are a must to allow data structure and data exchange.
  2. Increment the number of Cyberinfrastructures, to allow e-science to connect efficiently laboratories, computers, people and data. This way, it will be possible to benefit from the increment of global connectivity and large information data sets.
  3. Develop 5G technology, to unlock the implementation of IoT. The goal is the creation of platform for wireless communication, integrating various technologies.
  4. Emphasize & continue to evolve a trusted and secure digital single market between EU and Brazil. GDPR and NIS Directive will allow the creation of a high common level of security of network and information systems across the EU, which should be expanded to Brazil.
  5. Increase the EU-BR ICT community & collaboration through the brand-new and pioneer Special Interest Group in Cloud Computing. The SIG is an important opportunity to increase collaboration between academia and industry from EU and Brazil and ensure that EUBrasilCloudFORUM’s efforts on ensuring sustainability of the community.
  6. Increase international visibility of Brazilian & European SMEs, start-ups and EU-BR projects through the EU Brazil marketplace, and follow-up EU & BR cooperation projects by supporting them in demonstrating their tools and finding new partnerships and clients for their services/products.

Policy Recommendations

  1. Investments in HPC will solve societal problems in the areas of Life Sciences, Physics, Climate, Engineering and many others. Europe and Brazil must keep investing in HPC, due to its strategic importance and its high ROI potential.
  2. Define international & common laws that regulate online & offline personal data. The Brazilian General Law on Protection of Personal Data is highly inspired by the GDPR and gathers both private and public sectors, with extraterritorial application.
  3. Support in the transformation of Brazil and Europe into digital societies. This will involve transforming Europe and Brazil’s societies into regions of connected devices: eHealth, smart cities, smart agriculture, and industry 4.0 among others.
  4. Digitise the EU-BR market and get value from data. Investing and using distinct but complimentary technologies (e.g. IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and AI) will support the creation of digital economies.
  5. Research opportunities for future research topics for the EU-Brazil collaboration in related areas. The EUBrasilCloudFORUM Research Roadmap on Cloud Computing (, including security aspects, analysis and identifies the gaps and research opportunities related to cloud computing.

Europe-and Brazil Project Next Steps & Recommendations

  1. Investments should be made in Digital Entrepreneurship and Government, e-infrastructures, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and 5G, cybersecurity, regulation and digital data economy. EU-BR cooperation in ICT must be aware of this.
  2. Fund EU-BR projects whose results (services, tools, software components) can benefit both industry and society at large in both regions. Projects of the 4th call have real use-cases already making an impact.
  3. Demonstrating the Innovation to Market. Future EU-BR funded projects must demonstrate real impacts of transatlantic cooperation in EU and Brazilian societiescreate new jobs and business concepts and, ultimately, make EU and Brazilian societies into digital ones.
  4. Involve end-users in EU-BR projects, from project onset, to increase the sustainability results and the impact: Having real-situation pilots and keep funding a CSA project to support the work carried out by the RIA projects.

Download the full event report to get a broader picture of what transpired in the last Cloudscape Brazil and WCN 2018!